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Lucy-Desi eBay Auction: Part Two!


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Lucie is sharing her family memorabilia with fans on eBay once again starting Sunday, November 3! :HALKING:


Items at auction will include:

1949 authentic memorabilia from Lucy & Desi's church wedding - including her gorgeous gloves AND a piece of his "groom's cake!"

1950's wrought iron patio table & chairs belonging to Lucy and Desi, with photographs showing her enjoying the set!

Stunning 1940's bed jacket owned by Lucy; gorgeous velvet & lace, still retains her fragrance scent and in excellent condition.

Lucille Ball's partial script from the film Mame with her own handwritten notes and comments.

Original signed sketches by "I Love Lucy" award-winning costume designer Elois Jenssen.

Outstanding collection of the original costumes worn by Lucie Arnaz in her award-winning performance is "They're Playing Our Song" on Broadway. Remarkable group of custom designed, hand sewn and hand painted one-of-a-kind ensembles. Perfect for a theater group or school.

Personal letters to Desi Arnaz from, among others, Norman Vincent Peale.

Signatures of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball on checks, bank cards, letters.

Never released I LOVE LUCY collectibles including mugs, plates, dolls.

Lucie Arnaz signed retired Yankee Mariano Rivera #42 authentic shirt from her throwing out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium.

Larry Luckinbill Cabaret Kit Kat Girls signed poster, Roundabout Theater

Desi Arnaz own personal stop watch

Lucie Arnaz own Letterman Jacket from "My One and Only"

Celebrity letters to Lucy from Ginger Rogers, Goldie Hawn & others

Desi Arnaz original Conga record

Barbara Bush personal letters to Lucie Arnaz

Theater Posters for many Broadway productions starring Lucie Arnaz, Tommy Tune, Larry Luckinbill

Unreleased original black & white artist portraits of Lucille Ball

Desilu & Lucille Ball productions signed by-laws and other paper work.

Gene Kelly signed letter

Lucie Arnaz signed memorabilia

MUCH, MUCH more!




The 2011 auction was so exciting. It was so much fun waiting to see what surprise would turn up next.

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They should be going into a museum, not auctioned off!! So sad. :(


Maybe some will buy it and then have the option to loan them out to the museum from time to time. Ive tried to send some things to them but haven't ever heard back from them, hopefully some things will show up at the museum. 

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At the very bottom of the page is a link to see pictures of the items, & I noticed that the first Elois Jensen sketch is of the bridal gown Lucy wore in Forever Darling. I remember reading here once that someone had their wedding gown made based on this one, but I don't remember who it was.


She would be the perfect person to own this sketch! I hope if she wants it & bids, that she gets it.

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It is very groovy!


I'm intrigued by that stop watch and any particular story behind the Robert Morley drawings.

There are some amazing items. I still cannot get over that wedding set and that bed jacket. God, I need money! I think I may need to get some lottery tickets and go to bingo! Even though me and bingo do not get along.


I may consider getting something cheaper. But let's see how the bidding turns out the next week! May reach real high.

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I was listening to a local LA radio show last night on the internet that Mike Stern was co-hosting and he had Wanda and Lucie on as guests. Wanda was in studio and Lucie joined in by phone. Most of the conversation was about the ebay auction.


The non auction discussion.


Today Mike, Wanda, Frank, Jimmy and Laura are all going over to Paramount to do a where exactly was everything sort of tour. Sounded fun. I missed the very beginning but that must be why Wanda is in town. After the auction discussion Wanda mentioned about how Lucy always gave her the suits she wore on the show as they were the same size then. Wanda said she wore those things out and thinks its funny that she could have had her own ebay auction with the stuff Lucy gave her. Wanda was also wearing the ring she had on in Jamestown. It’s the diamond and gold ring, Lucie gave it to her and Wanda said Lucy wore it everyday. What she didn’t say and I was hoping was if it was her Gary engagement ring as I believe that was the ring in question me and Annaleigh analyzed.


Auction discussion


Lucie talked about why she was doing the auction again. As far as her and Larry’s bway stuff they really don’t have a place to display the stuff in Palm Springs. She said the house has lots of glass and openness and frames all over the wall were not possible. They digitized a lot of stuff and will enjoy them via digital frames. As far as her parents stuff, she said that when they moved from NYC to CT there was stuff she didn’t even look through, just moved it. With the big move coming she had to go through everything. She found things she did not know she had and also over time has come to be able to part with them.


The hat box that went up last night had a lot of stuff in it. Lucie said she found it in her mother’s old hope chest, which was a not very ornate brown chest. She was going to sell that too as she had no need for it, but Kate wanted to have it. Lucie talked about the kids either not having room for the stuff or just didn’t want it, but that she was very happy Kate took the chest, even if she did have a really small NYC apt.


The wedding gloves and a few other things were what was found in the hat box. Lucie said she also came across a saved cigar that her dad passed out for her birth. I wasn’t 100% on this but there was another box that either held the doll furniture Grandpa Hunt made or it was a box with the doll furniture. Lucie said that she remembered playing with it, and so did Kate. No one in the family wanted it so she is donating it to the museum, and thinks it’s neat since it was made in Jamestown.


There were apparently tons of checks and contracts. She picked out what she thought were the better ones to put up of those.


They asked Lucie if there was an item that brought back memories or that she would not part with. I was a little surprised at the answer as she really seems to have taken stock of her life and realizes that a lot of this stuff is just things and over the years has continued to take stock and let stuff go. She also knows this way that it’s not just being stored away anymore but that people who really appreciate it will get it to love and cherish. She told this story of Tommy Tune had this small apartment and put a lot of his really sort of priceless bway stuff into storage in a basement in SOHO. Well it got wiped out in a matter of hours during Sandy last year. She said he was really able to let go and realize it was just stuff. Oh the Broadway memories the he probably had.


Some stuff she did mention about keeping were all the leather bound scripts that were done for all 3 series. She said they are beautiful and won’t part with them. She mentioned that her mom collected these little boxes (I can’t remember what she called them) but there were a lot. Most were given to the museum and other people but one she held on to. This was the one that was on Lucy’s nightstand and still had strands of her hair in from the hairbrush on her nightstand. Lucie said it still had her mom’s sent on too. I’m sure that the obvious stuff like photos, some jewelry, etc… she is hanging on to.


Lucie also mentioned a painting of her mother done by someone who I totally forget the name of now. She has this painting hanging over her desk in her office and says she likes it because of the light in her eyes. A funny story centers around it she told. They were apparently having trouble with their cable and internet. Of course the cable guy only knows the woman as Mrs. Luckinbill and not by her more famous other last name. Well the guy gets everything taken care of and she says come in the office and I’ll write you a check. Lucie’s doing this and the guy sees the painting and says that Lucie looks like that woman. Lucie says that she did something she doesn’t really do and told him that was her mother. The cable guy says, “Your mother looks like Lucille Ball?” Lucie didn’t correct him but got such a kick out of it. She thought later she should have said, “Yeah and you’d be amazed at who my father looks like.”


Lucie said she saved all the costumes for her character in TPOS and hopes they will go some where to get some use. They are going up as one lot. I think some of her bway stuff would interest a big bway fan as they sound like a pretty good.


She also mentioned that each night stuff would go up (like last time) and that if should go through the 10th with stuff being put up.


Lucie news.


They have not moved yet, hence the auction but they sold their house so it should be soon. The move was prompted by having a lot of friends in the area, the weather and it being essentially a cheaper place to live than the area of CT where she is now and ultimately NYC.


She has not started to write the memoirs yet but in packing she has everything set aside to begin the research process to write them. She said that she is taking the approach as if she was writing and researching someone else’s life.



Wrapping up the host mentioned Lucie was doing her show in PS in Feb. He also mentioned a Thalians show that he was hoping she could be a part of. The non-Lucy fan host mentioned the date and it was April 26th. Lucie said she would check her calendar and also mentioned how her mom always went to them and that she herself performed at one (it’s on the HL box set extras).

After some talk it was mentioned about the significance of that date and the host didn’t know that it was such an important date, and that maybe he should have said late April instead. Later on in the show the co-host mentioned that he use to work at a big liquor store back in the 80’s and Lucy had an account for the house there. Well he was delivering that months order to the house on the day that Lucy went into the hospital the week before she died and got there right as Gary was helping her to the car to take her to the hospital. He didn’t know anything till he got back to the store later and it broke on all the news channels. He’s co-workers wanted to know what he did to her.


Pretty nice, quick interview and loved to her about auction stuff.

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Is anyone else getting a little annoyed that Lucie made the decision to sign items that have nothing to do with her? For example...the Desilu Shareholders Reports, scripts for shows and movies she wasn't even in, etc. From a collectors stand point I feel by doing this she's decreased the value. Sad to know some of these items have been kept in such good condition for nearly 60 years or more, only to be written on now.

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