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Alternate Character / Name That Film - Guessing Game

Mot Morenzi

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Okay, this isn't strictly Lucy related, but here it goes.


The object of the game is to give a summary a particular movie, but you have to use the names of other characters the actors in the movie have played. For instance, if you're describing Sunset Boulevard, you can't refer to the character Joe Gillis, you have to use the name of another character William Holden played in a different film or TV program. It will then be up to someone else to guess which movie you're describing.


Here's an example (I'm going to bold all names just to highlight them):


Alex Forrest hires Arthur Weasley and Dr. House to kidnap Harry Dunne and Julia McNamara's dogs.


The film in question: 101 Dalmatians


Make sense?


Here's an actual one for somebody to guess:


Wolverine must save The Princess of Genova's daughter from the cruel hands of Borat and Bellatrix Lestrange, all the while avoiding capture from John Nash. The daughter grows up into Karen Smith and falls in love with William Stafford.

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