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LucyFest 2016

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Seems to me 'they' are not willing to be here anymore without the great arrdubya!  If they ONLY knew the truth!  Sad; but true!  Just my former self throwing that out there; was a nice conversation piece at luncheon today, as well.  Some folks just don't 'get it'....

Yeah well... is it true he actually bought a home there and is still around??! :blink:

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And LucyFest 2016 concludes with another booze-fuelled after party in the Best Western lobby featuring Diane and Rhonda. And after seven or eight bourbons and sodas this is an ordeal to type, so goodnight all! Full recaps when I get home.

OVER?!? Doesn't it go all weekend (so I thought) i.e. through Sunday??? Wow that went by fast!! Can't wait for further reports, boss!  Safe travels! :peachonthebeach:

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WUNNERFUL, WUNNERFUL!   new banner!  


Severe machine difficulties past few days; hopefully, after three tekkies, on remote control, I'm back up and running;  Slight glitch mid tekkie work yesterday; when the lights went out in Georgia; had to start again this morning early!!!!  WHEW!


Enjoyed seeing all at Festival; and Statue now comfortably resting in LBMP, I am feeling like celebrating; but, I have to get P-J articles in there; they are in a steep pile on my right-hand desk corner.....

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