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The Lucy Show: The Official Fourth Season - April 26th, 2011


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Anyone have the link for this confirmation


Yay, the way out there acid trippy kaleidoscope 1965 episodes! :lucyhaha:


I hope they include the behind the scenes footage of the last scene of "Lucy At Marineland" which Lucy talked about with Steve Lawrence on his short-lived talk show. It WAS on Youtube but at least I have it on a "Lucy's Lost Moments" dvd but idk how to post it here without having to put it on Youtube.


Here is the last 6 or so minutes, heavily edited because of syndication. Until 4/26/11, this is all we have!


It was def. no picnic for Lucille because it took nearly an hour for those porpoises to cooperate and do their stunts because they were very "precocious" (Lucy's words not mine!) and she was in that freezing cold water for all that time. And she had to keep on "crying" because the camera kept rolling and they even tried to give HER a fish to give to one of the porpoises. I'm pretty sure this was taped in the spring because the first several S2 and S3 episodes were taped in April-June. So it probably wasn't TOO hot to swim just yet. lolz! And I wonder if that was her real hair on when she fell in the water because I'm sure her wig would've fallen off!

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And I'm sort of glad they're keeping up the tradition of open-mouthed primary Lucy pictures. I'm drawing a blank on the photo of Lucy in the trench coat just above Gale. What episode is that from?

I was thinking the same two things!! It is a beautiful cover (I love that sub-tagline saying "all 26 episodes beautifully restored!) and I guess the "open mouth" thing is no accident, otherwise it's awfully coincidental! :D


I don't recognize that trench coat shot either -- was their an ep this season where she went "undercover" as a cop again or like scenario?? Hmmm....

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