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Lucy's Mystery Object

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How about this?






Great one, Brock! It's that one pesky little loose feather from the Mertz's chair in their apartment that made its way into the next scene into the Ricardo's apartment...from the episode, "Redecorating the Mertz's Apartment." After Lucy rips open the "tired old chair" and Fred brings in the fan to get rid of the smell of paint...the feathers from the chair go wild all over the place. How in the hell one little loose feather made it's way around is hilarious.


Good one!

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I'm stumped. Clue? I first thought it was the wallpaper from Redecorating, but the stripes here are too thick. Drapery of some sort?



Lucy always was wanted to be in vaudeville in real life and in this episode, she finally made it.

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