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The Best of Bill


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Since it's Emmy night, I was wondering if you had to select one episode from each season to submit to the Emmy committee for the Lucy cast members what would it be? We've done this for Lucy in the past, but how about the supporting players.


(I know that in the early years the nominations were based on the calendar year rather than the TV season, but I'm just doing it my season here).


These would be my submissions for Bill for Best Supporting Actor.


I Love Lucy:

1951-1952: Ricky Asks For a Raise

1952-1953: The Black Eye

1953-1954: Too Many Crooks

1954-1955: Mertz and Kurtz

1955-1956: Second Honeymoon

1956-1957: Desert Island


The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show:

1957-1958: Lucy Wins a Racehorse

1958-1959: Lucy Makes Room For Danny

1959-1960: The Ricardos Go to Japan


What would you choose?

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ILL Season One -- Ricky Asks For A Raise

Season Two -- Lucy Hires An English Tutor

Season Three -- Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined (runner up: Too Many Crooks)

Season Four -- Ethel's Hometown

Season Five -- Staten Island Ferry (runner up: Second Honeymoon)

Season Six -- Lucy Raises Chickens


LDCH "Season" One -- Lucy Hunts Uranium

Season Two -- Lucy Makes Room For Danny

Season Three The Ricardos Go To Japan

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I was watching "Getting Ready" last night and this really was a totally Fred-central episode. He was hilarious! When Ricky's in the back seat and he goes to open the old car's door-and it pops right off in his hand, Bill says "PUT THAT BACK!!! :angry: " with such ridiculous conviction that we actually believe that HE believes the car is a good one! :lol: He cracked me up in Ricky Asks for a Raise when he's dressed in drag. :lol: I think Fred Mertz is actually my favorite character on "I Love Lucy". :P

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1: "Ricky Asks For A Raise"

2: "The Courtroom" (followed by "Lucy Hires An English Tutor")

3: "The Diner" (followed by "Home Movies"... 'I got wind of it!')

4: "Mertz And Kurtz" (followed by "Getting Ready" and "Ethel's Hometown" and "The Tour") [THIS IS A GREAT SEASON]

5: "Lucy Goes To Monte Carlo" (followed by "Second Honeymoon" and "Staten Island Ferry")

6: "Country Club Dance"



1: "Lucy Hunts Uranium" (followed by the UNCUT "The Celebrity Next Door")

2: "Lucy Makes Room For Danny"

3: "The Ricardos Go To Japan"

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1st season: "Ricky Asks For a Raise" (Bill in drag)

2nd season: "Lucy Hires an English Tutor"

3rd season: Not too sure

4th season: "Mertz and Kurtz" or "Ethel's Hometown"

5th season: "Staten Island Ferry" or "Lucy's Second Honeymoon"

6th season: Not too sure



1st season: "Lucy Wins a Racehorse"

2nd season: "Lucy Makes Room For Danny"

3rd season: "Milton Berle Hides Out at the Ricardos"

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