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Elois Jenssen (transformed Lucy Ricardo into one chic mama)


Also, can someone please refresh my memory or tell me if I'm completely off base? I remember reading a story somewhere (and it's driving me nuts that I can't remember where) that once when Elois was over at Lucy's house one of the kids either started choking or fell in the pool (can't remember which?) and Elois saved whichever one it was. Am I making this up? :lucydaze:


I remember this 'incident'; but, think it was someone else; I'll have to see if I can 'find' it.... later....JK

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Ernest Chambers b. 12/28/28 alive


Ernest Chambers, director, producer; writer, Desilu Studios'-filmed, The Joey Bishop Show, 1961; writer, The Danny Kaye Show with Lucille Ball, 1962; as well as writer, William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), My Three Sons, 4 episodes, 1963; is born this date in 1928.

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