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What is the most outrageous thing that Lucy has done?

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Lucy disguising a 25 lb. cheese as a baby and taking it as a passenger on a transatlantic flight to avoid paying U.S. customs on it is on the top of my list.


:lucyhmm: "You want the strange lady to see you? You don't? Oh don't worry about it! No. No. It's perfectly alright! No. I'll just tell her thats all. Forget about it!!! He said no."

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Going out on the ledge outside their apartment window in the Superman episode & the one where she is testing Ricky to see if he really loves her.


Although I guess these could actually go under the heading of "Most dangerous thing that Lucy has ever done" :marionstrong:


Oh wait --I want to change my answer :lucythrill: . Lucy (& Ethel) climbing along the tippy top of the empire state buidling, on the OUTSIDE of the safety fence! Aaaaack! :lucywow:

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How about anything that Lucy and Ethel somehow managed to drag up to that apartment, be it animals, playground equipment, numerous children, all within a matter of a couple hours before Ricky got home? How the hell did she do that anyway? :peachonthebeach:



OR.........., when Lucy and the Mertzes 'swished' apartments in little more than a cuppla hours, and Ricky had hired someone 'else' to do the same thing....

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