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Lucy A - Z -- J!

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J-E-L-L-Ohhhhhhhh! (The big red letters stand for the Jell-O family. Oh, the big red letters stand for the Jell-O family. That's Jell-O! YUM, YUM, YUM! Jell-O puddings! YUM, YUM, YUM! Jell-O TAP!ioca puddings, yesireee!)


Jingle Bells aka Cascabeles (the good Christmas song that the Americans stole from Cuba)

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Astonishingly, I had one on the 'clipboard' to bring over here for YESTERDAY: forgot to add it....duh!!!! Having a 'lucy-moment', I guess....


On the day of his death:


Jan Murray, b. 10/4; guest, Desilu Productions', Here's Hollywood, 1961, and You Don't Say, 1964; Lucille Ball guest , The Lucy Show “Lucy and the Soap Opera”, 1966; appears with Desi Arnaz, The Hollywood Squares, 1972, as well as appears with Lucille, Dean Martin's Celebrity Roast: Danny Thomas, 1976, dies this date in 2006.

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Joyce Haber (She was just dying to see the ring in Lucy Meets the Burtons...also mentioned in Lucy Gives Eddie Albert the Old Song and Dance)


Joanne (One of Lucy's prospective names for the new baby, actress that had to drop out of Ricky's show because she was getting married, Jess Oppenheimer's daughter)


:bill1: Who's Joanne?

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