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I Love Lucy and The Lucy Show coming to Decades


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Starting on Tuesday, February 24th, I Love Lucy will be aired in order from the beginning to the end on this new retro station called Decades. After ILL is finished on Friday Feb.27th, then they will show every episode of the Lucy Desi Comedy Hour and then on Saturday the 28th they will air every episode of The Lucy Show in order.


This is a soft launch for the Decades station that officially launches on May 25th nationally. We currently have it over the air on Channel 2.2 in New York. They started this weekend with The Millionaire and now they are showing The Mothers In Law with Family Affair coming tomorrow.


For more info check out their web site: decades.com

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I hope your provider adds Decades too, although it wont be till after they launch in May. I don't even know if Time Warner will add it in my area but at least I have it over-the-air. The problem with over the air, is they can always interrupt and broadcast info commercials at certain times. Glad I now have Here's Lucy every night at 6pm (even if I do have all of the shows on DVD)

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Let me just say again what I've said before: Thank GOD these are on DVD!!! After stumbling upon an airing of TLS on some obscure christian cable channel -- a low rent PTL as it were -- I recorded it just for the heck of it to see which ep they might air, how it looked, etc. and it just served as an excellent reminder that yes, as fun as it is to have any of "Lucy" over the air on broadcast TV, they sure do pale in comparison to what the DVDs have to offer!


This ep -- wrongly advertised as "Lucy and Arthur Godfrey" -- was the 2nd of the two-part Lucy & Carol Burnett episode where they go to Palm Springs and perform with the Vagabonds and Dan Rowan guested as a "playboy" (!)  It looks like they they aired an old, scratchy 16mm print, which looked washed out, blurry and truly awful!  Of course, it was also edited to pieces for running time and was aired in its entirety with the logo of the "network" in one corner and an 800 telephone number to call in donations in another! 


Give me the DVD experience any day! Oy! :vanda:

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If your Fox station is an owned and operated instead of an affiliate you'll get it.


Decades is associated with CBS, not Fox.  That would probably explain why they're carrying all the Lucy series except Here's Lucy.  And it looks like this service will only be carried in 14 states/20 cities, so most folks (myself included) won't be getting it:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decades_%28TV_network%29#Affiliates


Oh well . . .

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