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The New Favourite Lucy Photos Thread !


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I agree! You know, it boggles the mind how some of this wonderful stuff ends up on YouTube, particularly when it's a clip like this from a one-time-only aired special event (week's worth of shows, if I remember right) because this was back in the day BEFORE home VCRs became de rigeur!


Now perhaps someone who worked there at the time somehow got a copy on professional-grade videotape and that's how it "leaked" out onto the internet....but I don't think it was from some "casual" fan!


No matter......oh, so very cool!!! :D

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The photo, taken on April 7, 1953 at Winchell's birthday party was held at the famed Sunset Strip nightclub, Ciro's. The exact lineup, from back row, left to right is: 20th Century Fox mogul, Darryl F. Zanuck, Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, Walter Winchell and Jane Russell. Front row is of course Lucy, famed songwriter Jimmy McHugh and the ever-lovely (not) Louella Parsons.

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