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Lucy A to Z -- C!

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Xavier Cugat b. 1/1/00 d. 10/27/90



Cugat, Xavier - considered foremost Latin musician in America at the time; one of Desi Arnaz’ first employers in the United States, having listened to Desi and the Siboney Septet (a group of five), hired the twenty-one year old on the spot for $35/week, and a one-year’s apprenticeship, in 1937; Xavier was an artist and painted Lucille Ball in oil; composed ‘Cui Cui’, song from The Long, Long Trailer, 1956; appears with Desi, Routes of Rhythm, 1984, released in 1990; as well as appears with Lucille Ball, Entertaining the Troops, 1994 and That's Entertainment, 1994, both via archival footage, is born is this date in 1900.

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Alexander Courage b. 12/10/19 d. 05/15/08


Alexander Courage, Composer; Orchestrator, Arnazes film, The Long, Long Trailer, 1953; Composer, 26 episodes, Star Trek, 1966-1986; Composer/Theme Music, Conductor, 82 episodes, Star Trek, 1966-1969; as well as with Lucille Ball, archivally, That's Entertainment! III, 1994, is born this date in 1919.

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Harry Cheshire b. 08/16/91 d. 06/16/68



Harry Cheshire, co-star, Lucille Ball, Her Husband's Affairs, 1947; co-star, William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), Mother Wore Tights, and I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now, 1947, The Babe Ruth Story, 1948 and The Lady Takes A Sailor, 1949; with Lucille, Miss Grant Takes Richmond, 1949, and A Woman of Distinction, 1950; with Frawley, Rhubarb, 1951; guest, Desilu Productions' December Bride “Lily Ruskin Arrives”, 1954; guest cast member (“I Love Lucy”) “Oil Wells”, 1954; Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse “K.O. Kitty”, 1958, as well as Desilu Productions' The Ann Sothern Show “The Bridal Suite”, 1958, “The Elopement”, 1960, and The Texan “The Accuser”, 1960, is born this date in 1891.

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