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What better news could we possibly get in ILL's 60th Anniversary Year! :HALKING:


The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ Hall of Fame Committee announced today that it has tapped reality show producers Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray, Michael Eisner, Sábado Gigante game-show host Don Francisco, Sherman Hemsley, lighting designer Bill Klages, Chuck Lorre and I Love Lucy duo Vivian Vance & William Frawley for induction into the academy’s Hall of Fame. The 21st annual induction ceremony is set for March 1 at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The nine new inductees were recognized for their extraordinary contributions to TV after candidates were submitted to the Hall’s selection committee, which is chaired by WME Entertainment board member Mark Itkin and includes Fox alternative president Mike Darnell, Warner Bros TV president Peter Roth, veteran executive Fred Silverman, CBS Entertainment chief Nina Tassler and Dolby Labs’ Steve Venezia. Bunim, Vance and Frawley will be honored posthumously. From the TV Academy’s release highlighting the new members:


Vivian Vance (1909-1979) – Born Vivian Roberta Jones, Vance is probably the single most recognizable female sidekick in the history of television. Although her first love was the stage, her role as Ethel Mertz would forever endear her to television fans around the world. Vance’s talent took her from her hometown of Independence, Kansas to a small theatre company in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and on to New York and Broadway in the early 1930s. She became a regular on Broadway after being cast in the hit musical Anything Goes as a chorus member and understudy to the show’s star, Ethel Merman. Several years later she won her first major Broadway role opposite comedian Ed Wynn, in the production of Hooray for What! One of her most successful stage roles was in the musical Let’s Face It! in which she starred alongside Danny Kaye and Eve Arden for over 500 performances. In 1951, TV director Marc Daniels took Desi Arnaz and writer Jess Oppenheimer to see Vance star in the play Voice of the Turtle at the La Jolla Playhouse in California. By the end of the first act, Arnaz and Oppenheimer both agreed that they had found their “Ethel” for their new television sitcom, I Love Lucy. Vance remained with the beloved CBS series until it ended its run in 1957, playing best friend, neighbor, and partner-in-crime to Lucille Ball’s “Lucy Ricardo.” She was the first actress to win an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Supporting Actress” in 1954, and was nominated an additional three times for her role as Ethel Mertz. Vance returned to television a few years later to play Lucille Ball’s sidekick once again on The Lucy Show.


William “Bill” Frawley (1887-1966) – An American stage, screen, and television entertainer, Frawley is best known for his role as Fred Mertz on I Love Lucy, but appeared in more than 110 films and over a dozen major plays in his lifetime. Frawley’s career started on the road in vaudeville with his brother, and later with his then wife, fellow vaudevillian Edna Louise Broedt. Playing the prestigious Orpheum circuit, Frawley honed his craft and developed the comedic talent and timing that would be his trademark. His first major hit was in the musical comedy Merry, Merry in 1925, and he continued to act on and off Broadway until 1933. Frawley’s movie career lasted over 50 years, starting with the silent film Lord Loveland in 1916. Although he played mostly supporting roles, he appeared in major films such as Ziegfeld, Miracle on 34th Street and The Lemon Drop Kid. In 1951, Frawley was cast as “Fred Mertz” in I Love Lucy opposite Vivian Vance. During the run of the series, he was often called upon to display his musical and dancing talents. His other true love, sports, was often incorporated into the show’s scripts. Frawley was nominated for five Emmy Awards for his supporting role as the penny-pinching best friend and landlord of the Ricardos. After I Love Lucy went off the air, Frawley debuted as live-in grandfather/housekeeper “Bub O’Casey” in My Three Sons and remained on the show from 1960 until 1965, until poor health forced him into retirement. Frawley passed away in 1966.


http://www.deadline.com/2011/11/tv-academy-adds-nine-to-hall-of-fame/ :HALKING: :HALKING: :HALKING: :HALKING:



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I hope they think a bit outside the box and get Ralph Hart and one of the My Three Sons kids to accept the awards on their behalf! :HALKING: :HALKING: :HALKING: :HALKING:


That would be fantastic. Lucie's giving concerts that week in California and Arizona, but has nothing scheduled for the night of the ceremony. I wonder if she will be involved with Vivian's induction. Lucie hosted the ceremony in 2006.

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That would be fantastic. Lucie's giving concerts that week in California and Arizona, but has nothing scheduled for the night of the ceremony. I wonder if she will be involved with Vivian's induction.


That would be terrific! It would also be great if they could involve Marjorie Lord in Viv's tribute in some way, given their close association so early in their careers and then winding up as two of the gals of CBS Monday Night.

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What took them so long to induct Viv and Bill? Sheesh.

There are still many STARS this "Hall of Fame" has yet to honor - Imogene Coca, Eve Arden, Loretta Young, Ann Sothern, Irene Ryan, Fran Allison (how sh***y is it that they honored just Burr Tilstrom ("Kukla and Ollie") years ago and had the brass iron gall to ask Miss Allison to be there to accept it for him posthumously). I'm not surprised they've missed Viv and Bill and quite surprised they are honoring them now. It certainly is wonderful news though.


I only hope they are being honored individually not as a "duo" - can you imagine how those two would feel about THAT.

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Hooray!!! :D:D:D (And it's about time! Long overdue, as others have said).


Wonder if any family of either Viv or Bill will attend the ceremony? Nieces or nephews, perhaps? Maybe Viv's youngest sister? Anyone here planning to attend?


Feel a bit wistful that they aren't alive to enjoy the honor.



Vivian's sister, Lou Ann Graham, is planning to attend. She lives in Albuquerque (where else?), but will go to Los Angeles for the big event...

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That's great news! (And congratulations on your first post, TJW!) Is Viv's brother still alive?



Just heard from Lou Ann: her brother Bob is still very much alive and living in the Albuquerque area. He's 90 now... She says, "He's handsome and very entertaining. I was born on his 5th birthday, so we celebrate together." He has no plans to make the trek to California for the Hall of Fame ceremony -- but Lou Ann is very excited!

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The lovely Doris Singleton is accepting the honour Thursday on behalf of Viv, while the Livingstons will be on hand to honour Bill. :lucywow:


The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced Monday that Jon Cryer, costar of CBS' Two and a Half Men, will host its 21st Annual Hall of Fame Gala.


Additionally, presenters slated to honor this year's inductees include: BermanBraun co-founder Gail Berman, presenting to Mary-Ellis Bunim (receiving posthumously) and Jonathan Murray; TV creator, producer and director Garry Marshall, presenting to Michael Eisner; Modern Family costar Sofia Vergara, presenting to Mario Kreutzberger (Don Francisco); director Walter Miller, presenting to Bill Klages; Warner Bros. Television President Peter Roth, presenting to Chuck Lorre; actress Doris Singleton, honoring Vivian Vance (receiving posthumously); and actors Barry and Stan Livingston, honoring William Frawley.


The 21st Annual Hall of Fame Gala will be held March 1, 2012 at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.



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