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Marc Daniels b. 1/27/12 d. 4/23/89



Marc Daniels, Director, (“I Love Lucy”), the first season, 34 episodes, 1951-53; instrumental in locating and hiring his friend, Vivian Vance, as the soon-to-be 'legendary' Ethel Mertz, by introducing Desi Arnaz to her; Director, Desilu Productions’, Slattery’s People “The Last Commuter”, 1965, Director, Star Trek, 15 episodes, 1966-1968; guest, Star Trek “The Changeling”, 1967, Writer, one episode, “One of Our Planets is Missing”, 1973, as well as, Director, Mission: Impossible “Elena”, 1966, and “Charity”, 1967; Directed Lucille again, years later, in Lucy Calls the President, 1977, Director, Life With Lucy, 1986, dies a few days prior to Lucille, is born this date in 1912.

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