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Lucy A to Z -- D!

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Daryl F. Zanuck b. 9/5/02 d. 12/22/79


Daryl F. Zanuck, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’ long-time friend; Lucille Ball early film-career producer, United Artists’, The Bowery and Blood Money 1933; Moulin Rouge, Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back, and The Affairs of Cellini, 1934, appears with Lucille and Desi, Toast of the Town, 1958; as well as with Lucille, archivally, Moguls and Movie Stars: A History of Hollywood, “The Attack of the Small Screen: 1950-1960,” 2010; is born this date in 1902.

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Bill Davenport b. 08/11/25 d. 05/13/89



Bill Davenport, occasional episode writer, Lucille Ball radio show, My Favorite Husband 1948-1951; writer, Desilu Productions', Those Whiting Girls “You're Driving Me Crazy”, 1955, The Brothers “Renting the Attic”, 1956; writer, December Bride, 5 episodes, 1956-59; writer, The Danny Thomas Show “The Honeymoon”, 1958; script consultant, Angel, 22 episodes, 1960-1; writer, Angel “The French Lesson”, 1961; as well as writer, Desilu Productions', Desilu Studios'-filmed, Mickey and the Contessa, 1963, is born this date in 1925.

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