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Lucy A - Z -- H!

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A 'STRETCH' honoring his birthday:


Frank McHugh

b. 05/23/98 d. 09/11/81



Frank McHugh, Lucille Ball guest, Miss Grant Takes Richmond, 1949; guest, Desilu Studios'-filmed, The Red Skelton Hour, “Freddie the Singer”, 1959; guest, Desilu Productions', Harrigan and Son “100 Proof”, 1961; as well as co-star, Desilu Studios'-filmed, The Bing Crosby Show, 27 episodes, 1964-65; is born this date in 1898.

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Already mentioned; but, worth mentioning AGAIN, on HIS birthday:


Wilbur Hatch b. 5/24/02 d. 12/22/69



Wilbur Hatch, musical director, CBS Radio, My Favorite Husband; joined the (“I Love Lucy”) team, musical director, supervisor, composer, and conductor of the Desi Arnaz Orchestra, pre-recorded for coordinated perfection, at General Services Studios; stayed in the Arnazes and Desilu Productions’ employ – all series - until his death in 1969; including Desilu Productions', Mission: Impossible, as Music Consultant, 28 episodes, 1966-67; is born this date in 1902.

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I don't have time to look back, either:


Jonothan Hole b. 8/13/04 d. 2/11/98



Jonothan Hole, guest, Desilu Productions', Yancy Derringer “Loot From Richmond”, 1958, cast member, Desilu Studios'-filmed, My Living Doll, 1964, The Real McCoys, 2 episodes, 1962, 1963, as well as Lucille Ball's guest, The Lucy Show “Lucy and Carol in Palm Springs”, “Lucy Bags a Bargain”, 1966, and “Lucy, the Babysitter”, 1967, is born this date in 1904.

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On the occasion of HER birthday:


Dolores Hope b. 5/27/09 d. 09/19/11



Dolores Hope, Bob Hope’s wife, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz' friend, sang on the same New York Supper Club circuit with Vivian Vance (Lucy’s Ethel Mertz), 1936; with Lucille, Happy Birthday, Bob, 1978; archivally, with Lucille, Bob Hope's Overseas Christmas Tours: Around the World with the Troops - 1941-1972, 1980; with Lucille, Women I Love: Beautiful But Funny, 1982; with Lucille, NBC, Happy Birthday, Bob: A Salute to Bob Hope’s Eightieth Birthday, 1983; with Lucille, Hostess, America's Tribute to Bob Hope, and NBC Happy Birthday, Bob (Hope’s 85th birthday and his 50th Anniversary with NBC), 1988; as well as with Lucille, archivally, NBC', Bob Hope's Bag of Christmas Memories, nominated for a Prime Time Emmy, 1993, (1994), with Lucille, archivally, Biography: Bob Hope: America's Entertainer, 1998, is born this date in 1909.

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