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Lucy Fest 2013 -- August 1 - 4

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I will be working on my agoraphobia problem this Spring and Summer by first driving to Toronto and then, who knows, maybe i can finally make it to the Center. Now that would be a trip of a lifetime for me. Watch me make that long drive and when i get there, it will be closed for renovations or something.

Better not bring my Master Card or the center might lose most of it's LUCY stock while i'm there, i can see the headline now, LUCY CENTER SELLS OUT STOCK IN ONE DAY!
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Mark your calendars -- the Lucy Fest "preliminary" schedule will be announced Friday, April 12! :HALKING:


Let's get all our "Why isn't Carol Burnett coming to Jamestown?!"s out of the way in advance, shall we? lol

No, i think it'll be Betty White AND Carol Burnett, Carol tells this great Lucy story, she was doing this show and Lucy was sitting . . . . .
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It'll probably be people I've never heard of this year beings I will be attending. Some lame up-and-coming comic. lol

Richard Simmons maybe? He'll try to get the Jamestown populace to lose some weight? Joan Rivers once was there and she never got them to learn how to dress better, once a hick, always a hick.
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