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Rhodes Reason, Joan Blondell cited for egging Ball's house on Halloween


Ball stipulates Lansing get breast reduction prior to next guest appearance


Wardrobe mistress quits over Frawley BO smell in dragon costume


Omitted Totie Fields farting scene to be restored for DVD


Mary Jane Croft hospitalized after helium overdose


Cook, Arnaz to promote Mais Oui perfume product tie in with K-mart personal appearances


Ball to appear on Mama's Family as Mama's other daughter


Guest star Bailey caught in broom closet with John Dodds. Both men come out literally and figuratively.


Burton-Taylor diamond found in Ball's stool sample


Guards with robes on standby in case Bankhead strips on set


Messing passes on "I Love Lucy" reboot; Barr approached instead


Wildcat revival to star Lea Michele, Chris Colfer in Ball, Andes roles


Gale Gordon cartwheels into orchestra pit during Showboat performance in Pasadena


Vance hopes Ethel's lesbian affair in upcoming season will add depth to the character


Gould mopes in seclusion after Ball casts extra to play waiter #2 instead of him


Guest star Chamberlain, Desi Jr. spending lots of time in dressing room together, reports Lucie Arnaz


Davis cast as Lucy's sister, Crawford cast as Vance's sister. Tensions high on set that week


Room Service outtakes reveal Ball, Marx Bros. orgy!


Ober arrested for impersonating Dory Schary all over Hollywood


Phil Harris, Dean Martin steal Vitametavegamin bottles to smuggle booze in


Lucy Carter to meet Jack Benny for 87th time in new episode


Arnaz reprises Ricardo in new 70s sitcom; faces feminist backlash over mysoginistic portrayal


Ball faces retribution over SNL wardrobe malfunction; viewers now aware that carpet matches drapes!

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Joanne Dru's "Adventures of a Model" revived as Skinemax original series


Ball blasts Conreid over vulgar adlibbed lyrics for "Tippy toe through my garden"


"Lucy Gets Lucky" getting porn remake; name staying the same


Frawley feature in "Men's Fitness" magazine scrapped for obvious reasons


Ball greenlights new Burnett series "Bradford, Krausmeyer & Tillford"


Barra adopts flawless Russian accent for Anastasia themed episode


Ball shortlisted as Long's replacement on Cheers; Danson not thrilled


Janet Waldo determined to bring Marge back for proper sendoff; proposes pilot


Thibodeaux, Garrett tired of being mistaken for brothers.


Frawley selected grand Marshall of Pride Parade; world stunned


Desi Jr. declines role in "Behind the Candelabra"


Thompson makes it his life's ambition to make "Lucy" movie that will please Lucie Arnaz


Lohan signs on for "Mame" remake; Heigl rumoured to play Vera

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Dodds’ partner confesses: Vance was killed by escaped hatchet murderess in comic, ironic twist


Autopsy Shocker! Elvia was all man!


Duke, Thibodeaux, Sweet enter Hot Dog Lovers Anonymous


TLC launches Gordon, Meiser reality show – “Littlefield, Big World”


Green Acres’ stars at war after Arnold finds Pepper scarfing down a BLT


Ball in tears after learning Evil Camilla’s plan for TV’s royal baby


Sothern on rampage after Van Dyke sings “My Mother the Car” at Automotive Hall of Fame induction


Producer Morton fired after stunt casting inspiration at Deep Throat screening


Ball widower marries Bacall; disappointed she still wants new bath towels


Austerity watch as Philip is caught outside rustling ash cans


Bungle Abbey will be an instant classic, says Ball


Mass riots as fan opens Lucy-inspired “Kramer’s Kandy Kitchen”


Newly found documents pin Janet Waldo’s birth year as 1758!


Voice actress Waldo launches new skin care line


Ball questioned after performing Citizen’s Arrest on weak-chined Alice Pearce


Bell boys Bobby and Johnny demand legal rights for their forbidden love; “CALLLLLL FOR EQUAAAAAA-LI-TAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEE!” screams Plaintiff.

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Uh-Oh: Enraged Lucille Ball Jumps Into Studio Audience Screaming "I'm Gonna Kill That Bitch!" After Loud Audience Member Makes Comments on Fifteenth Consecutive Episode


Panic on Set on Family Sitcom I Love Lucy after 1940's nude pinup poses of William Frawley are Discovered and Published. "I was Broke and Needed to Drink!" He Cries!


Lucie Arnaz and Jim Bailey to Marry!! Matching Wedding Gowns Planned!!


Free contraception offered on Here's Lucy set the weeks actresses under 40 guest star!!


The Lucy Show ratings plunge amidst CBS' smash country sitcoms; network orders revamp with lead recast with Minnie Pearl


Long lost Betty White silent movie found in Swedish archive! Plays Valentino's mother!


Mothers-in-law star Roger C.Carmel: I'm Too Busy To Find a Girlfriend!


Aged actress Kathryn Card and Desi Arnaz Feud on I Love Lucy set as she stumbles on her lines. Exasperated Desi hits the roof to which Ms.Card responds "I may forget my lines but at least people can understand what the hell I'm saying!"


Lucie Arnaz signed for new sitcom of woman whose husband has sex change, "I Love Laurette".


Gale Gordon to Receive The William Powell award for Lifetime Achievement in Subtle Comedy


Ann Sothern storms out of Overeater's Anonymous Meeting huffing "I Thought they meant we could indulge in complete privacy!"


Life with Lucy writers sweep the Emmy awards!! Future plans include sweeping Hollywood and Vine


Charmed by Little Ricky, Elizabeth Patterson Announces She Plans to Have Baby of Her Own; William Frawley volunteers to be sperm donor, Desi Arnaz offers to help her the old-fashioned way


Disasterious Neil Diamond-Lucie Arnaz "Jazz Singer" remake reverts film history; studios to make silent films again.

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Mary Wickes greenroom tirade heard by audience due to misplaced microphone


Prop toilet accidentally used by Sothern to be refurbished


Morton's other cousins all clamoring for Lucy roles due to Gould's successful mooching


Ball, Kusley in huge fight; Lucy's wigs to have green hue for next several shows


Fidelman begins writing detailed "My Mother the Car" book


Desi Jr. caught wearing Ann-Margret's underwear!


Barra contracts hemmorhoids due to Bumpity Bump retakes


Ball wraps Mame; eyes Evita as next project

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Morton leaves ball for widowed Mary Livingston; winds up in broom closet


"Uh-oh" was recorded on secret bathroom microphone, says Mrs. Ball


Fresh off Sugar Babies, Miller pitches BWay revival of Too Many Girls


Johnsons step in to save Arnaz marriage; Evie proposes second spouse swap


Florence Henderson: From Danfield manicurist to The Brady Bunch Hour


Lansbury, Shaw join Snowmass ski colony


Ball in disastrous slope stumble


"How buying linens from a catalogue changed the last decade of my life!" By Lucille Ball


Six year old Katie Sweet taken to rehab after shooting Suzuki Beane pilot


Borgnine balls Ball, Merm nixes Lucy Show return


Judge rules all Peale marriages invalid, Lucy Fans rejoice

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FBI reports 78 Hazel Pierce sightings at 7-11s nationwide between 1968 and 1972


Lucy's stand-in found dazed in tool shed after four years on the lam; "I'm an angel!" she said, before being taken for psychiatric evaluation


Pierce given clean bill of mental health, new face ahead of Lucy & Jim Bailey


Pierce disappears again; also missing: Phyllis Diller wig, cigarette holder, squirrel dress


Reps deny Mary Wickes - Arnold Stang nuptuals


Sanders leaves Gabor, dumps Ball, shacks up with Nancy Walker

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Oh awesome, Lucy as Eva Peron. That'd be fun.


LOL, it'd be interesting all right!


Ball unsuccessfully urges Lloyd Webber to cast Arnaz as Peron


Ball orders Rice to desexualize his lyrics


Lloyd Webber unimpressed with Lucy's singing; signs Lisa Kirk to sing the 23 keys lowered score


Blonde wig unflattering; Eva now to be a redhead!


Madeline Kahn drops out of Mistress role; Jane Connell once again to take her place

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Lansbury sends flowers to Kael, other critics who mocked "Mame" movie


Bea Arthur on Gene Saks: "He's as bad at directing as he is in bed!"


Ball shortlisted to replace Arthur on The Golden Girls; Bea suddenly decides to stay


Radio City janitors mop up hundreds of tomatoes after "Mame" debut


Vivian Vance makes comeback in "Red Shoe Diaries"


Russell, Lansbury ticketed for burning Ball in effigy


Julie Andrews, Angela Lansbury now drinking buddies


Sondheim writing musical about Ball's life; tentatively titled "Better Herman than Me!"

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DeDe Ball Estate sues for "Uh-Oh" royalties


To compete with Laugh-In's Hawn, Here's Lucy hires Mary Wickes as "Bikini Girl"


Ann Miller stars in "Long Day's Journey Into Night," adds tap number


Lucy and Viv drop in on King of Siam; King vows "No More Paper Walls"


Ball's eyeballs get stuck after rolling them too hard at Elizabeth Ashley


National Society of Irvings protest 1960s Comedy Writers


*Unknown party steals wig from Lucy Museum*

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DeDe Ball Estate sues for "Uh-Oh" royalties


To compete with Laugh-In's Hawn, Here's Lucy hires Mary Wickes as "Bikini Girl"


Ann Miller stars in "Long Day's Journey Into Night," adds tap number


Lucy and Viv drop in on King of Siam; King vows "No More Paper Walls"


Ball's eyeballs get stuck after rolling them too hard at Elizabeth Ashley


National Society of Irvings protest 1960s Comedy Writers


*Unknown party steals wig from Lucy Museum*


these are all great, but I don't know the reference of the last one:


do we have a red-headed wig stealer amongst us??

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Sothern demands Arden must be twenty pounds heavier than her before doing pilot; Arden balks; Sothern walks


Wildcat star to do cabaret show; opening number: "Sweet Marihuana"


Joe Dy-no-mite: Jimmie Walker to play male lead in Wildcat revival


Bob Hope turns on household appliance; surprised not to find I Love Lucy


Florence Lake forgets the pill; gets in trouble after run in with Schwarzenegger on "Happy Anniversary" set

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