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Cate Blanchett to star in Lucille Ball biopic written by Sorkin


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I think Todd Haynes could possibly be a good choice. He is a Lucy fan, he has experience directing films set in the 1950s, and has a close and very successful working relationship with Cate Blanchett. The stumbling block is that I think he writes or co-writes his own films. Haynes also might be a bit unconventional for a standard biopic.

Good thinking, one of my favorite directors, I can't wait for his new film "Carol" starring Cate also.

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Been 're-thinking' my own post; and what I should have said in addition to the above; is: 


Let's hope we aren't getting the ''adult' Arnazes children's view of what were certainly their 'childhood - 0-9; and 0-7' views


PERSONALLY, and for selfish (sorry!!) reasons; I can't wait to see what it becomes.....  JK


This is what I'm afraid of -- the adult children's view of their parents' marriage.  They were kids at the time after all.  It just seems to me to be a weird timeframe to focus on in Lucy's life.  If anything, it should be a biopic of her entire life.  Just my opinion.   :lucyhmm:

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I think we're talking apples and oranges here in respect to each's "talent" which is subjective and very hard to measure.  I find the Blanchett casting -- much as I agree that she's amazing -- curious as I'd have to go with the many who for years have touted not only the resemblance but ease with which Messing has done physical comedy.  


On a side note, I recall with fondness (and perhaps this is the real reason for my bias!) that Messing hosted an evening at LA's Paley Center for -- if memory serves -- a screening of the then-recently unearthed ILL movie.  Her regard and reverence for La Ball was quite evident. 


As the two pictures above show, at the very least we'd have an actress who could be made to physically resemble our heroine.  I strongly feel that one of the reasons I could never fully get onboard with the two TVMs made about her was because the actresses chosen -- despite being heavily made up and wigs styled as closely as possible to the "real thing" -- looked nowhere near anything (to me) like you-know-who and thus I could never fully "engage" in their portrayals.   


But then ...I still and will probably always feel that NOBODY could do her justice! :blink:

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It is VERY difficult to replicate something so WELL KNOWN to all of us. Mommie Dearest had a good replica of Joan Crawford... We need THAT for this to work well. Maybe Cate is getting the plastic surgery for the role :)

To me, physical appearance is only part of the equation. Some of the more effective biopic portrayals, to me, have been by those who often didn't look much like the person portrayed. Judy Davis only fleetingly resembled Judy Garland yet her performance was masterful. Dunaway didn't look that much like Crawford, either, yet she pulled it off with makeup and how she held her face. And I think her lack of resemblance is what made Rachel York's performance as Ball all the more impressive.


There's a casting trope which I adhere to: ability over appearance. I'm making no judgments on Ms. Blanchett until I see her performance. Hopefully Messing will also get a chance to take a crack at it someday in some fashion. It's fascinating to see multiple portrayals.

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Jordan posted this over on Facebook:


Apparently this is was Lucie had to say... "Okay, so my phones have been ringing and texts and emails are exploding regarding the stories all over the press today about a proposed film about my mother and father.
Well....we were caught way off guard w
ith this item. Up til today, this has ONLY been between our producers at Escape Artist, Ms. Blanchette, Aaron Sorkin, my brother and I. And, although it is accurate, we were no where near announcing the project. Now, it looks like we will have to fend off the entire press corps for weeks because some wise ass probably wanted to make some points.
But, yes, we have been working on the who, what and exactly how for about a year keeping it under our hats till it was time to start the engines. And, after this comment here, that is exactly what I am going to continue to do.
Having said all that, we could not be happier for the way it is shapin' up!
Stay tuned."

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Comment from Cate:


Word got out recently that you’re interested in making a film about Lucille Ball, and that Aaron Sorkin might write it. What stage is that project at?

Someone talked about it too early. It’s very embryonic. The idea is really fascinating, but we’re not yet sure whether it’ll be for television or a feature — that’s how embryonic it is. And I mean, Aaron Sorkin is very tied up right now.

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