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Lucie and Desi Jr. Photos


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O M G what terrific pictures, .  Listen, i just googled Lucy things to find this site yet again, this time i came through the Gale Gordon archive.  One of the suggested links was Lucy funeral, it showed so many saying they were pics of her coffin and other nonsense when we all know there was no funeral or coffin for that matter, anyway, loads of great pictures though, some rare too.  But the ones YOU're posting are just awesome, even better than theirs. 

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I think she looks fine here. I'very seen worse. I think this is after They're Playing Our Song.

I disagree, i've seen every photo from that particular event and she looks awful in all of them.  Curse of the beautiful people, if you look great, people expect you to look that way till you croak, unfair yes, but so sad, especially back then, now Betty White can get away with this, because they are showing reverence for age which they did not do back in Lucy's day.

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