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The Newer, More Improved SOCK IT TO ME Thread


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Mr. Skinner: Here you are.

Ricky: $4.80?!

Mr. Skinner: Yup. Sandwiches are a dollar a piece and the 80 cents is the entertainment tax.

Ricky: ENTERTAINMENT TAX?! :obrien:

Mr. Skinner: Yup.... Baby dear, listen here, I'm afraid to go home in the darrrrrrk...

Ricky: I'll pay! I'll pay!

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:desi1: I thought you said Fred and Ethel had a big fight and they were mad at each other.

:lucy1: They are.

:desi1: I thought you said they weren't speaking to each other.

:lucy1: They aren't.

:desi1: And that he was staying at the Y.

:lucy1: He is.

:desi1: And she won't let him in the house.

:lucy1: She won't.

:desi1: Well, if they are and they aren't and he is and she won't, how come?

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:lucy1: It wouldn't have to me mink. It could be something less expensive...like a sable?

:desi1: ...

:lucy1: It could be a leopard skin, maybe?

:desi1: ...

:lucy1: A muskrat?

:desi1: ...

:lucy1: If I got a gopher and skinned it myself, would you pay for the buttons?

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Woman: I wanted to take the train, but ohhhh, no! You had to drive!

Man: Okay, okay, I had to drive.

Woman: 65 miles an hour. I thought the judge would never let us go.

Man: Look, we already missed the first act. Are you going to talk all the way through the second?

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:bill1: Rick, what made you think you've been living here thirteen years?

:viv1: Yeah, it's only twelve.

:lucy1: Yes, it's only twelve, dear.

:desi1: Wait a minute. We moved here when we got married and when we got married Lucy was twenty-two years old. How old are you know, dear?

:lucy1: Oh, how do you like that. We've only lived here six years.

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Ethel: Mrs. McGillicuddy, sweetie?

McG: Yes, dear?

Ethel: Do you remember when Lucy and Ricky got married?

McG: Certainly! :D

Ethel: When was it? :)

McG: Years ago! :D

Ethel: No, do you remember the date?

McG: Date? Oh, I'm no good at dates, but it was sometime in the spring.

Ethel: Thanks a lot. :MrsRichardCarlson:

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:gale1: Lucille!

:lucy2: What?!

:gale1: A paper clip is used to CLIP. PAPER.

:lucy2: ... Yeah? That's what they're used for.

:gale1: We do not make lavaliers out of them!

:gale2: It isn't fair. They asked me questions about things that happened before I was born.

:lucy2: That covers everything back before the Battle of Bunker Hill!

:gale2: There was a battle at Bunker Hill? Why am I always the last to know?

:lucie: Well, it was in all the papers.

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Lucille Carter the First: I'm 29.

Rudolph Springer the Third: Now, Mrs. Carter, you can't be 29.

Lucy: You're right -- but I will be on my next birthday! :D

Rudy: Let's see, if you are going to be 29, that means you were born in--

Lucy: Jamestown, New York! ;)

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