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The Newer, More Improved SOCK IT TO ME Thread


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Lucy: Sherman!
Sherman: Yeah?
Lucy: You see that tree outside your window?
Sherman: Yeah.
Lucy: See that branch that looks like a baton?
Sherman: Yeah.
Lucy: Well, it is. <_< Would you reach out and get it and give it to me, please?
Viv: :marionstrong:
Lucy: You keep quiet.  :angry: 
Sherman: Here it is. How did it get in the tree?
Lucy: Never mind, Sherman. :angry:

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Mrs. Trumble: I want to talk to you about your washing machine.

Lucy: You mean the Mertzes' washing machine.

Mrs. Trumble: Well, whoever it belongs to.

Lucy: It belongs to the Mertzes.

Mrs. Trumble: Well, my nephew says he says he'll pay fifty dollars for it.

Lucy: He'll pay fifty dollars for our washing machine?

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LUCY: Hello friends, I'm your Vitameatavegamin girl. Are you tired? Rundown? Listless? Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular? Well the answer to all your problems is in this little bottle. Vitameatavegamin. Vitameatavegamin contains vitamins, meat, vegetables, and minerals. Yes, with Vitameatavegamin, you spoon your way to health. All you do is take a big spoonful after every meal. It's so tasty too. Just like candy.

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Carlotta: This is quite a welcome. I didn't even think Ricky would remember me.

Lucy, Oh, my dear, he would never forget you.

Carlotta: That's nice. I guess I look a little different than what you expected, don't I? :D

Lucy: Well, yes, I didn't expect anyone so pretty, and so charming and so full of... Well, so full of... Well, so full! :D

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Ernie: ... I had a-hold of the wrong one. They're as alike as two peas in a pod, or two watermelons in a patch. So, when I seen that I had a-hold of Weensy, I turned her loose, walked right around her, which is no small trip, and I proposed to Teensy. And she turned me down. She said, "I a'int a-gonna play second fiddle."

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Lucy: All right, all right. I'll tell him.
Ethel: Really?
Lucy: If you'll stay here and give me moral support.
Ethel: Okay.
Lucy: Of course, when I tell him, I'll be holding Little Ricky. He wouldn't dare hit a woman with a baby in her arms.
Ethel: Oh, that's a great idea!
Lucy: I'll just say, 'Ricky, it's all a mistake dear. You didn't really get any call from Hollywood. Fred wrote the note and Ethel accidentally left it here and I innocently called you...'
Fred: (interrupting) Now hold it. I'll stay on one condition. When you come to 'Fred wrote the note,' you hand me the baby!
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Mrs. Carter: I will do my best to make new friends for this great country as I travel throughout the world!

Miss Ball: You don't even leave town. It's just a car. That's it. :mellow:

Mrs. Carter: Until tonight there was something missing in my life. :(

Miss Ball: :blink:

Mrs. Carter: You don't know what it is to have a want for something and not know what it is you want! :(

Miss Ball: I know what you're going to get. <_<

Mrs. Carter: Might I say this is the happiest moment of my life. :( I never dreamed that some day --

Miss Ball: Aw, shaddap! :MrsRichardCarlson:

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Ricky: Hi, Ross. You waiting for me?

Ross: I came to see Lucy. We were discussing an article about you for Photoplay Magazine.

Ricky: You and Lucy were discussing it?

Lucy: It's called "What It's Like to Be Married to Ricky Ricardo." By ME!

Ricky: What's the matter with you? You crazy or something?

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