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The Newer, More Improved SOCK IT TO ME Thread


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Lucy: Are you looking for tickets for the football game?

Fan: Yeah, but they're all sold out.

Lucy: Well, maybe you and I can make a little deal.

Fan: (looks her up and down) I'm more interested in the football game!

Lucy: :obrien:

Harry: Any luck?

Lucy: NO! Thank goodness! :obrien:

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  • 2 weeks later...

:lucy1: It's true, I vanced with DANCED with Van Johnson this afternoon!

:desi1: Vanced with dance? What is that? She's gone completely, this girl! *picks up phone* Hello? Oh, Hello Van! How are you, boy? My WIFE?! Yes, she's right here.

:lucy1: Hello, Van! ;) Oh? Who me? Yes, I'll be right down. Yes. Goodbye. Van's partner is ill and he wants me to dance with him tonight.


:lucy1: Yes. I'm off to rehearsal.

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:viv1: What do you mean telling Caroline I would sneak her in the back of the ballroom?

:lucy1: You seen Van Johnson's show just as often as I have. What does Van's partner look like?

:viv1: She's rather tall and has red hair.

:lucy1: And how far can Caroline see without her glasses?

:viv1: She said she could only see from... :D. You're little brain wasn't asleep it was just catnapping. :D

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Dorie: We know all about these women problems, don't we? Come down here and sit beside me. Now tell me, what does Mister Gooch do?

Agnes: Oh, my father passed on. :)

Dorie: No, no, dear. I meant your husband.

Agnes: I'm a bachelor girl. My baby's going to be a little bas--

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:lucy1: There we are, the sun is pouring down, it's broiling! We're thirsty! Our throats are parched! Water! Water! Waaater! Water. If I had only learned to drive I could save us all. Water. Water! WATER! Wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ter!


:lucy1: Are you getting my message?

:desi1: No.

:lucy1: Why didn't you say so? That hurt my throat. Come on, teach me to drive!

:desi1: Nope.

:lucy1: You'll be sorry. I'm going to nag you about this. I'm not going to let you alone for a minute until you promise --

:desi1: Okay, okay, okay! I'll teach you.

:lucy1: Well! Those are the most beautiful words I've ever heard. I'll titch you.

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:viv1: How's Ricky?

:lucy1: I called the doctor and it's more serious than I thought. He has a virus that settled in his throat.

:viv1: Is it bad?

:lucy1: Well, the doctor said if he's gonna be in the show, he'd have to stay in bed a whole week and not talk.

:viv1: Not talk at all?

:lucy1: Not a word.

:viv1: Gee, imagine not being able to talk for seven whole days.

:bill1: Why don't you hang around here? Maybe you can catch it.

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:lucy1: Oh, aren't these beautiful? They must be from RIcky. Yeah, they're from Ricky.

:viv1: Oh, yeah? Look at the card.

:lucy1: Fine, you look at the card and then you will know who my Mystery Lover  is!

:viv1:Darling, I love you! I love you! I love you! Eternally yours, Fred.

:viv1::lucy1: FRED?!!!

:lucy1: Fred who?

:viv1:You know "Fred Who"!

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