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The Newer, More Improved SOCK IT TO ME Thread


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Ross Elliott: Mrs. Ricardo! :rolleyes:

Ricky: Lucy, what are you doing?

Lucy: I lost my earing!

Ricky: Where?

Lucy: ...in the bedroom?

Ricky: Then what are you doing out here?

Lucy: ...the light's better?


Jim: She said she's going hunting!

:desi1: Hunting, huntin' in the bedroom. That's the most ridiculous thing I *BOOM BOOM BOOM*

:lucydaze: A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go, ladadedodedi a hunting we will go!

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Ethel Mae: Mashed potatoes, Miss Bankhead?

Tallulah: No, thank you, dahling. Whenever I prepare for a play I always go on a strict diet, so no thank you. BUT! LIFE IS SHORT!!!! You only pahss this way once. Why not live a little. :D

Ethel Mae: (Wildly Applauding) Oh, Miss Bankhead! You sounded just like you did in The Little Foxes! :HALKING:

Tallulah: Oh, did you see me in The Little Foxes? :D

Ethel Mae: Five times!

Tallulah: Five times?! :D

Lucy: Ethel Mae.

Ethel Mae: I've seen every play you've ever been in! I've seen Dear Charles and The Green Hat, and They Knew What The Wanted, and The Skin of Our Teeth, and Rain, and Camille -- all your big hits! :HALKING:

Tallulah: You left out Private Lives. :(

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