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The Newer, More Improved SOCK IT TO ME Thread


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Ricky: Right now I just want to read the paper.

Lucy: Let me read it to you, dear.

Ricky: OK.

Lucy: Well! How long has this been going on?

Ricky: What?

Lucy: They're racing little girls down at the track!

Ricky: What? You must be mistaken.

Lucy: No, it says right here -- 'First race won by two year old maiden.'

Ricky: I wouldn't worry about that little girl.

Lucy: No?

Ricky: No. She's as strong as a horse!

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:lucy1: Why haven't you told me about her before?

:desi1: I don't know. No good reason. Just slipped my mind...

:lucy1: Oh. ... Was it a big romance?

:desi1: Well...you know...just one of those thins.

:lucy1: Just one of those thins! ...Well, come on Ethel. What are you waiting for?

:viv1: I have forgotten the question. <_<

:lucy1: Have you told your husband -- JUST ONE OF THOSE WHAT THINS?! :angry:

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:desi1: : Now Lucy, I know that this is a ridiculous question, but ... what were you doing with eggs under your shirt?

:lucyeww: :Tryin to hatch 'em?

:desi1: : Lucy . . .

:gasp: Well, me and Ethel were trying to sneak some eggs out into the henhouse, just to give the hens the idea and that so you and Fred wouldn't be mad at each other anymore

:desi1: ETHEL!

:viv1: : :o

:desi1: Are you carrying eggs too?


:viv1: : I was!

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Betty: Did you know Ralph danced with that girl eight times?

Lucy: Ricky danced with her nine times. (turns to Ethel) How 'bout Fred?

Ethel: Thirteen was the grand total for Twinkletoes.

Betty: What an exhibition! You'd think they'd never seen a blonde before.

Lucy: They still haven't! If she's a blonde, I'm a redhead!

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:viv1: Oh, what a set up for him. Three glorious weeks in Europe. Just the band. No wives along. Then a whole week on glamorous shipboard. And then Rome. And then London. And then Paris.

:lucy1: Yeah.

:viv1: And he says he "can't afford to take you along." "Three weeks isn't long enough." He'll be "too busy." Boy, did he pull the wool over your eyes!

:lucy1: Yeah!

:desi1: Where do you want to go eat, sweetie?

:lucy1: Don't you "sweetie" me!

:desi1: What's the matter?

:lucy1: I know what you're up to, you Cuban wool puller! OOHHHHHH!!!!!

:desi1: Wha' happun?

:viv1: Hehehehe.

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Ricky: Now look, honey. I know it's crowded here, and I would love to move just as much as you. But we can't afford it.

Lucy: Can't afford it. Can't afford it! That's all you ever say anymore!!

Ricky: Well, we can't afford it!

Lucy: There you go again!

Ricky: Well, we can't!

Lucy: Well, I can't afford to work so hard, either! You don't know how tough it is. I'm wasting away to nothing.

Ricky: Well, you the fattest nothin I've ever seen!


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:viv1: And then the old prune said, 'Either the Ricardos leave this apartment or I do!' Isn't that awful? And Lucy said, 'But Ethel, you can't afford to have another vacant apartment.' And I said, 'Don't worry, Lucy. We can rent that apartment just like that! *snap!* and even if we couldn't, it wouldn't matter because my friendship with the Ricardos means more to me than all the money on earth.' And then she said, 'I'm not the only tenant who feels this way. I advise you to think it over!' and I said, 'Well, I advise YOU to think it OVAH!' and she flounced out of the apartment. :D
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Lucy: I've invited Dorothy & Sam over for dinner. Now, Ricky & I can be an example of a young married couple, & you & Fred can be an example of on ol --- uh ...


Ethel: Yes?


Lucy You & Fred can be -- uh -- you & Fred can be an example of a young married couple who has been in love for twenty five years.


Ethel: That's better.

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