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The Newer, More Improved SOCK IT TO ME Thread


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A. Snodgrass: You go first this time.

:lucy1: Okay, what do you do?

A. Snodgrass: what kind of jobs do you h -- NOW CUT THAT OUT! Now look ladies, I won't be able to find you a job unless you tell me what you really do. Now...what do you do? :wacko:

:lucy1: ...What kind of jobs do you have open? :unsure:

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Lucy: We didn't go through the boys' money.

Fred: Ethel went through mind years ago.

Ricky: There's no use going through mine. I found a pearl in an oyster once.

Fred: Not my turn to win, either. I once found a diamond ring in a box of Cracker Jack.

Lucy: :lol: Oh, stop now! You stop joking!

Ethel: He's not joking. Where do you think he got this?

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:viv1: I hate to bother you, MRS. Ricardo, but I believe I left my diamond rings on your piano last night.

:lucy1: Yes, you did, MRS. Mertz. I would be happy to get them for you.

:viv1: Oh, don't bother, I'll get them. IF they're still there.

:lucy1: I don't know why you would worry. You can always buy another box of Cracker Jack.

:viv1: I'll have you know these are real diamonds.

:lucy1: HA!

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